We offer you this Fun Auto diagnostic tool to help you assessing your needs for coaching.  It will take 3’ of your time!

Amongs the following statements, with how many to you feel in agreement ?

I am used to be in a leadership position but in this new position, I have a hard time putting the team together.

Since 20 years I am doing this job. I would like ot change it but I have no idea what to do.

I am willing to change but the others around are telling me that I am so stuburn.

My colleagues, my wife/husband,… are telling me that I am too impatient. But we need to move on quickly otherwise we are dead.

I decide quickly but I don’t succed to actually implement it.

I feel like I am not in control of my life anymore.

I already tried several times to change but unsuccessfully. I understood that I will never succeed.

I have never enough time to do all what I need to.

If we don’t change rapidly our way of working, we as a company, will be at risk. I often explain this to the workers but they don’t understand.

Once I find myself in this situation, I feel afraid of and I am can’t do anything anymore.

I can’t stop thinking about my work. I can’t sleep. I need to get some rest but I never get.

I am very much at ease with changing but I don’t feel good in the present situation and I don’t know what to change.

I have good relationships with people but with this individual it is just impossible.

Today we don’t have time anymore for quality work. My work is not recognize anymore.

I have a vision, a strategy, I communicate them people seem to understand but nothing change.

People tell me that I am too demanding but it is just what business life is about. People don’t understand this.

I can’t make a decision.

I would like to stop but I can’t prevent myself to do it.